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CarpeDiem is officially a member of the DEVINCI family, which is renowned for the quality of the components of the various bikes. CarpeDiem chose this world-renowned QUÉBEC company for its bikes because the company shares the same values as those of Devinci. The "Made in Canada" label affixed to every DEVINCI executive is an essential part of the company's pride. CarpeDiem tries as much as possible to favor the regional, Quebec and Canadian purchase in all the spheres of the company.

CarpeDiem is also a retailer of Cycle Lambert products (bicycles / parts / accessories). At first, CarpeDiem will not keep inventory of many parts and equipment, but can respond to the request on order. The reputation of delivery speed Cycle Lambert allows CarpeDiem to provide bicycles, parts and accessories for cyclists within 48 hours.

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is simple: allow the clientele to LIVE THE INSTANT PRESENT. From equipment rental to logistical support, from organizing trips to escort services, we aim to offer flexible services for both amateurs and experts. CarpeDiem's actions are guided by values of respect, dedication, commitment and passion. These values are intended to allow the practice of outdoor activities in all tranquility and safety in the name of pleasure, escape, discovery and this, from a perspective of sustainable development.


To know what to do in the Valley!


Avec le retour à l'école, notre boutique de Gracefield et notre bistro sont fermés. Notre camping est encore ouvert et la location d'embarcations et de vélos peut se faire en tout temps sur réservation. Pour réservation: via notre site web, par courriel au This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ou par téléphone au 819-334-2653. 

With the return to school, we are changing our schedule now. Our buisness in Gracefield and the bistro are closed but our campsite is still open and boat and bicycle rental can be done at any time by reservation. For reservations: via our website, by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 819-334-2653.