Review of the first month of CarpeDiem Adventures - Carpe Diem Aventures - location d'équipements de plein-air, activités touristiques

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The opening of CarpeDiem Adventures was made in a heat wave that has undoubtedly had an impact on our rentals. This suffocating heat has certainly kept people off their bikes. Even the most adept have dropped several kilometers their outings. Since the end of July, the bike rental starts to take off little by little.

The heat wave had a positive impact on our boating equipment. The paddle board has notably distinguished itself. The growing popularity of camping on the 31-mile islands has also allowed our boats to come out very regularly.


The activity that has been most popular is undoubtedly the descent of the Picanoc kayak and paddle board. Several families descended the river dotted with sandy meanders. All the participants had a smile on their lips when they got back on the shuttle bus.

Honorable mention also to the story on the water where 20 people attended the legend of the monster of Lake Blue Sea and the 5 to 7 on the water where our 8 boards were taken for a short trip on the Blue Sea.

The Eagle River and Desert are also very popular and to be exploited in the future for people who live in the north of the Valley.

Fidelity at Bistro CarpeDiem

We were surprised by the traffic at the Carpediem bistro for our health dinners. Concocted by Marie Papilles with exclusively local products, this shows that there was a certain need for this type of meal in the heart of Gracefield. Our clientele quickly became loyal and it loves the freshness of the recipes, raspberry and rhubarb notes of the juice of the Summit, pastries Mie under the crust or ice cream Mr. Chalouin. We would like to thank the workers of our village for their affluence at home, in start-up period, it is very appreciated.

The next steps

  • Continue to promote the descent of the Picanoc River to discover this jewel of our region;
  • Organization of bike tours including a night out for the observation of perseids and the interpretation of our frogs;
  • Preparing our autumn programming on the culinary plan and for activities on and around the bike path.

thanks :

  • At the MRCVG (Chantal Lamarche, Lynn Kearny, Mylene Caron, Sabin Parent J., Caroline Marinier, Mayors Council and employees who have believed in our project).
  • To Martin Roy and Yan Hélie Cardin
  • To Carole Joly (and Anne Joly), Roger and Suzanne Barbe
  • At Castors Joinery (Martin Gauthier et al.), Rock Alie Electrician, Marc Bénard, Michel Gorley, Mr. Pothier (Refrigeration Technician) at DL Informatique
  • Marie-Claude Bonin-Joly (Marie Papilles), Fruits of the Summit, Boucherie Gauthier at La Cabrioles cheese dairy, La Mie sous la Crust, Chaloin House,Ferme Mariposa, SAGE (François Larose), Media Connection (Patrick Lauzon ), Imprimak, Unique Cleaner, Hubert Ford and all the others we reluctantly forget and that allowed us to start this great adventure.
  • Thanks to our employees, families, customers and friends!


Le chalet d'accueil ainsi que le bloc sanitaire sont en cours de construction et seront accessible à la fin juin. Il n'y a donc pas de douche de disponible pour le moment. Les toilettes sèches sont accessible à quelques endroits.

Présentement, nous sommes en construction du chalet d'accueil, de 4 micro-chalets et de deux escaliers d'envergure. Nos travaux dureront jusqu'à la fin de juin. Le décor est donc moins enchanteur dû à nos projets de construction. 

The reception and sanitary block are under construction and will be available at the end of June. There is no shower available at the moment. Dry toilets are available in a few places.

We are under construction of the reception, 4 micro-chalets and two large staircases. Our work will be completed at the end of June.