THE BISTRO - Carpe Diem Aventures - location d'équipements de plein-air, activités touristiques

modele secondaire EN BISTRO

The Bistro offers 4 sandwiches made with local and regional products. There is always a Grilled Cheese, a VEGAN and two meat sandwiches. The combo is accompanied by a salad or soup.

Our meat sandwiches are made with :

  • boar bacon (ferme le Sommet);
  • alpaca (from ferme de l'alpaga du Manitou)
  • veal and chicken (from ferme de Céline Tremblay)
  • pork (from ferme du Cochon mignon)
  • beef (from ferme Brown)
  • Food-Wine Pairing Evening
  • Theme nights (murders and mysteries)
  • Private 4-course tapas party
  • Fondue Booking (Bring Your Wild Meat)

Notez que les micro-chalets seront disponibles plus tard au printemps, mais qu'il est quand même possible de faire du camping en tente au sol et en tentes suspendues dès maintenant.  Notez aussi que le chalet d'accueil ainsi que le bloc sanitaire sont en cours de construction et ne seront accessibles dès la fin juin.

 Please note that our micro-cottages will be available later this spring but for regular camping and suspended tents we are open.  Also note that the welcoming center and sanitary bloc will be accessible later this june, they are under construction right now.